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IS: Infinite Stratos Episode 7 (with 1-6 summary)

Posted on: February 19, 2011

Episodes 1-6 Synopsis: In a world where females dominate with their ability to operate an IS (Infinite Stratos) weapon system, Orimura Ichika is the only male in the world who can operate an IS, so he is enrolled in an all-girls’ academy where students are taught how to control one. His childhood friend, Shinonono Houki happens to attend this same school, her older sister was the one who created the IS. He finds out that his instructor is the famous ex-IS pilot, Orimura Chifuyu. Yes, his sister.

Ichika rooms with Houki for a while, and England’s IS representative, Cecilia Alcott (Western name format) challenges him to a duel to see who shall be, believe it or not, class representative.. -sigh- drama…. Ichika is given his own personal IS (which is rare, there are only 467 in the whole world), Byakushiki. Alcott wins. Her IS is Blue Tears.

Ichika is still given the title of class representative since Cecilia falls for him. His second childhood friend, Fen Rinrin, transfers in and is the IS representive for China (WHOO!!). Ichika forgets about a childhood promise (that he would eat her sweet and sour chicken or something every day after she has learned how to make it) and she challenges him to a duel. This duel is rudely interrupted by an unmanned IS drone. The two work together and, after Cecilia joins them in the battle against the drone, defeat it. Rin’s IS is the ShenLong.

The IS representative for France transfers in, and it’s a boy! This Charles Dunois/Dunoa is instantly popular because he’s a bishounen (and because he and Ichika get along well and he gives off uke vibes). He takes Houki’s place as Ichika’s roommate. Houki makes Ichika promise to go out with her if she wins the inter-class IS tournament. This starts a rumor that whoever wins the tournament will get to date Ichika. Yamada Maya, the other instructor in charge of Ichika’s class, duels Rin and Cecilia. She wins.

The IS representative from Germany, Laura Bodewig, joins their class and slaps Ichika, declaring that she will not recognize him as Chifuyu’s brother. Charles’ IS is the Rafale Revive Custom II, and Laura’s is the Schwarzer Roegen.

Charles is actually a girl. Ichika learns this when he walks  in on her while she is taking a shower. He nonchalantly gives her the soap, then walks out, managing not to freak out until after he exits the bathroom. He tells Charles/Charlotte that he will keep her secret safe so that she can continue to attend the academy.


No, but seriously? Those things must have been bound to her spinal cord! How and where the heck do you hide THOSE!??!?



Houki’s proposal definitely becomes a major topic of discussion. But Houki is more preoccupied with actually winning and not mistaking pure violence as strength.

You can do it, Houki!!

While she is doing some deep contemplation, Rin and Cecilia are about to duke it out with each other when Laura appears and the two decide to duel her. Laura welcomes them with open arms.

yes sir!

The two get beaten pretty badly and Ichika breaks the barrier (literally, not figuratively) to get them to safety as Laura doesn’t seem like she is about to stop. Charlotte/Charles joins the battle as well and Houki is left on the sidelines, bitterly wishing for her own personal IS.

The fight is broken up by Chifuyu-nee. She states that the remainder of the battle is to be fought at the inter-class IS tournament.

you tell 'em, Chifuyu-nee!

Rin and Cecilia are hospitalized, but as the IS take most of the damage, they aren’t too badly wounded. But of course, when Charlotte amiably chats about how they must have done what they did for Ichika, the girls get flustered and tackle her. Then.. Ichika comes along..

well, yeah.. they were tossed around the arena, strangled, and smashed against the ground. I'd say they'd have a good reason for still hurting.

Suddenly, a stampede of girls barges into the room and they show Ichika and Charlotte that new fliers posted around the school state that the tournament will be a paired duel. Ichika pairs up with Charlotte/Charles (since she still keeps her true gender hidden) to avoid the hassle of choosing a girl (since he’s so BAWSS and can have any girl he wants).

Rin and Cecilia are informed that they are not allowed to enter because their injuries are far too plentiful.

well, the two of them wouldn't have been able to pair up with Ichika anyway

Back at their room, Charlotte thanks Ichika for partnering up with her and later after Ichika has fallen asleep (either that, or was knocked out after he accidentally took off her panties and she accidentally kicked him since her leg was freed), she kisses him good night (on the forehead).


The next day, the first round match-ups are thrown on screen: SHOCK!

Ichika and Charlotte are to fight against Houki and Laura (who are paired together as a result of a drawing).

Overall: 8/10 (lots of action and a few cute Charlotte moments)

AfNE: 10/10 (wow. I DEFINITELY want to know what happens in their battle!)



10 Responses to "IS: Infinite Stratos Episode 7 (with 1-6 summary)"

I agree. How DO you hide those.

you chop them off, then super glue them on again with some invisible duct tape when you want.

nawwww she opens a dimensional portal and has her boobs partially implode

okay, animefreak32, that makes sense X) I’ll agree that that seems much more likely ;P

So I gotta take a shower, just a sec, lemme glue my boobs back on before I get in.

BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES. EXACTLY. She needs to wash them you know, so the best time is obviously when she’s in the shower… washing the rest of her self. Imagine if she were to just wash them without putting them on.. *Ichika walks in on her washing them in the sink* I: Um.. hey.. whatcha got there? You washing your melon pan or something?? C: Uh.. uh.. >///////< uh uh yeah, yeah, that's it.. um– I: Wait. What is that pink thing at the tip–!? C: oh sh–! *Charlotte kicks him out of the bathroom*

That would probably scar Ichika for life if he knew they weren’t melon pans…And then he’d try to find where Char hides them LOL.

BAHAHAHA!!!! that’s kinda gross but funni! ichika no ecchi….

she opens a dimensional portal and has her boobs partially implode

ah, now see, i guess that makes sense too ^^

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