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Hourou Musuko Episode 5 (with 1-4 summary)

Posted on: February 18, 2011

Episodes 1-4 Synopsis: Nitori Shuuichi is a prepubescent, preteen boy who wants to be a girl. Takatsuki Yoshino is a preteen, prepubescent girl who wants to be a boy. Nitori loves Takatsuki, it’s one-sided. Nitori befriends Chiba Saori, Sasa Kanako, Ariga Makoto. Chiba loves Nitori, Sasa wants everyone to get along, and Mako-chan (a boy) is convinced that he is gay.

They enter middle school and make new acquaintances, adding Sarashina Chizuru and Shirai Momoko to the mix. Sarashina, voiced by Chiba Saeko, refers to herself as Chii and is quite the free-spirit. Momo, her childhood friend, voiced by Toyosaki Aki, does not have a high regard for Chiba, who is cold and dark after she is rejected by Nitori.

For the school festival, Chiba and Nitori are told to write a script together after the teacher chooses not to pick between the two. The chosen play to be embellished upon is the classical “Romeo and Juliet” except that it is a cross-dressing play. The males play female parts, the females play male parts. Soon after the two start writing, the teacher has others join because he notices that the middle-schoolers are not able to write fast enough with just the two.


Isn't Chii just great??!?

Chii is AMAZING.

Okay, so everyone gathers at Chiba’s house and Momo bakes a cake for all to eat. Chiba’s neighbor, Ninomiya Fumiya, comes over and recognizes Nitori, but he can’t place him.


Huh, this Nitori looks like a girl? Who is he again?

But then memory returns and:


wow.. so blunt

neighbor spills the beans.

Takatsuki is incensed by this and leaves:


in her sexy crocs....

Even though there really was no need, Chii was just excited and curious:


ohmanohmanohman, is this for realsies!?

Why, yes, in fact. It is, dearest Chii.

How could you be mad at that? Look at her, she’s so excited! (And ADORABLE!)

Back at the neighbor’s house, the Ninomiya’s true nature is revealed..


hey you better watch it, buddy! >:(

Disgusted with the fact that Chiba likes Nitori, he decides that she only likes him because he’s cute, and so he tries it himself:

What. Why? How is it these boys are such attractive girls??

And so he decides:

ohgawd.. that you do, "Fumi-chan", that you do..

So the others eventually finish the script at their next meeting and celebrate using fireworks!

oh Chii...


Oh Chii….why are you so wonderful??

On the other hand we have Chiba, who is declared Romeo:

not what you wanted, is it, Chiba?

and upon seeing everybody happy and all, she decides she wants to rewrite the script:

what a dreadfully morbid child..

Keep your opinions to yourself, Chiba, I’m sorry, but it’s as Mako-chan said, the world does not revolve around you.

The teacher wisely puts off discussion until after school. In other words, he wasn’t gonna let them change now that they had finally written it and people had already been assigned their parts.

Chiba makes up lies about how Mako-chan was willing to and was going to give the Juliet part to Nitori. Mako-chan reveals that he actually does want to be Juliet.

The scene changes and Nitori and Takatsuki are ringing the doorbell at an apartment, but nobody answers:

Who is the occupant of this mysterious apartment?

On the way home, they see a model, who happens to be Nitori’s sister’s (Nitori Maho’s) friend, Suchiro Anna (Maho is also a model). An episode ago, Anna gave Nitori a cellphone charm and in this epi, when she finishes the photoshoot and notices him, she pulls out her phone to take a picture of him and Takatsuki. Nitori spots the same charm on her phone..

aww...its a purple..thingy..

Over at Maho’s class, they have finished their poster for the school festival and everyone chatters about how it really makes you realize how she is a model.

wow..poster girl at such a young age.. -.-

Her boyfriend, Seya Riku, makes fun of her, but then offers to walk her home. The awkward part is that he used to think that her brother was a girl (Nitori and Takatsuki cross-dress) and thought he was really cute, and even now, he still blushed after he saw Maho trying to strip Nitori out of a dress.

Back at Nitori’s class, Chiba and Mako-chan are reciting their lines and Chiba states how she will become Romeo. Mako-chan, inspired by her intensity and the fact that she clearly wishes that Romeo were Nitori, makes the decision to perform  Juliet at the same level, he will not back out and do a half-hearted job.

Overall: 8.4/10 (Chii and Anna were definitely the high points in this epi, Chii is just Chii-licious and Anna makes me glad I share the same name ^^)

Anticipation for Next Epi: 10/10 (CHII WITH TWINTAILS(!!!!!!!!!!!!) enough said)


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These two will fit perfectly in SF :-)

@SH: yess, yes they would ^^

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