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Rio: Rainbow Gate! Episode 7

Posted on: February 16, 2011

First of all… what the heck.


Okaayyy… so there you have it. Rio has another gate battle and..well she’s dressed as a sugar glider. I guess it’s better than the wedding dress in the first episode >.<;

For this battle, the contestants basically just fly in a wind tunnel and whoever shoots the most targets wins.

Of course, we all know that Rio is gonna win no matter what because she’s the heroine and she can’t lose all of her gates now that she has like, what, four or five out of thirteen?

Then there’s the mastermind behind all these gate battles at the Sky Resort:

Yess.. well, it's probably best if they have less revealing clothes as well.


Just when it seems Rio is about to lose, somewhere in another part of the Sky Resort, Ania/Anya makes her entrance:

What else is new?

And, true to the definition of klutz..


She conveniently bumps into the chair on which the robot is sitting on. However, this robot is also controlling the wind in the wind tunnel.. So if this happens:

Oh look, a head

The robot’s disconnecting will result in a loss in wind power ^^

My, devastatingly convenient.

And so Rio wins.

Besides that, does anybody else think TRAP when they see Tiffany??

They sure are..

HELLOOOO!! HER NAME IS TIFFANY, HER HAIR LOOKS FAKE, THOSE BREASTS COULD BE IMPLANTS, HER TOP COULD CONTAIN A VOICE-CHANGER(Does this bring to mind any other anime with a trap with a voice-changer? I hope so), AND SHE WORKS AT A CASINO. I personally think alarm bells should be ringing.

After Rio wins, she and Rina take a nice soak in the bath because, as we learn in this epi, gate battles actually shorten a person’s life span because of the enormous amount of stress..

And so we have this moment:

Are you insinuating something else??

But that quickly becomes:

Whaa---? Why? After that touching (inmorewaysthanone) scene in the tub!?

Of course this is after:

THE TENTACLE RAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But right after this horrible experience.. Rio has yet another gate battle!

Such a manly name..probably to make up for the hair.

But..really, all Rio wants is her Rina. Who is currently shackled to the table.

We are left with a short flashback of little Rina standing next to, what seems to be Rio’s mother, in a sick bed.

Overall: 6/10 (The only high point: the love that the two women share, and Ania/Anya in the lobster costume)

Anticipation for Next Epi: 7/10 (What was that little flashback about??)

Ahh..comic relief


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My relatives always say that I am killing my time here
at net, except I know I am getting familiarity everyday by reading such nice

Hey thanks, friend! It’s comments like this that make me wish I were still active on here :)

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