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Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season Episode 6

Posted on: February 16, 2011

Bam. Right off the bat.

Let’s rewind a little:

1) Kazehaya runs up

2) He sees Sawako crying

3) He sees Sawako’s arm in Miura Kent’s hand

4) 2+3=BAD

5) ATTACK!!!!

Uhh... it's not what you think, I swear!!

Some of Kazehaya’s buddies walk up and spot the tension.

Kazehaya is angry. Kent is flamboyant as always. Sawako is crying.

They laugh it off. “‘What, both of you trying to pick up Sadako?'”

Kazehaya, “Yes.”

“‘You saying you like Sawako?'” (still laughing)

Kazehaya, “I do.”

and he confesses..

Sawako freaks out because her heart leaps with hope even though she “knows” that he means he likes her as a friend. She cries even harder thinking that he shouldn’t say things that could be misinterpreted.

Kazehaya walks away, rather dejected, telling her to interpret it that way if it was bothersome. From his point of view: She thinks that me saying I like her is troublesome. It’s better for her if I let her think of it as “just friends” if that is the case.

Sawako chases after him and Kazehaya confesses, again.

ZING! He says it again! Will she take the bait??

the Sawako got away...

The mutual conclusion is that their “likes” are different from each other.


Word spreads astonishingly quickly and Kurumi catches wind of it:

She doesn't beat around the bush does she?

But around this time.. Sawako is pretty depressed:

Poor Pin..he'll probably have nightmares for a month

Chizu and Yano hear of Sawako’s rejection and Chizu gets frustrated with Sawako’s continual self put-down. She storms off.

Don't we all?

Yano gives Sawako another one of her little, short-but-effective pep talks and goes to find Chizu.

yes..yess u did

Meanwhile on the other side of the planet..Chizu gets flustered:

Well, tough love, i guess?

Chizu worries about yelling at Sawako, but I get the feeling that that, and Yano’s pep-talk, were really all that was needed to get Sawako fired up again.

And Sawako starts thinking:

You tried..but you could have done better....

Overall: 10/10 (had me on the edge of my..bed, I thought they were finally gonna get through to one another..)

Anticipation for Next Epi: 10/10 (I’m just a little worried about how the preview gives it off to be though..I hope it’s not like the title suggests, not after they have gotten this far! Though it still really can’t be considered that far as of yet.. >.<)


2 Responses to "Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season Episode 6"

Sawako and Kazehaya just want to make me go:


I’m really bored btw.

hahaha!!! um.. yeah, same here, but if you read the latest one…!!! ^^

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