Nanazzha no Sekai

Dragon Crisis! Episode 6 (Yes, I’m starting now)

Posted on: February 15, 2011

The epi starts and we have Ryuuji taking a stroll through the park in a nice suit before he has to attend a huge party. He looks up and sees…this one:

Nice girl, right? A bit glare-y, but you gotta appreciate tsundere ^^

rescuing a cat out of a tree. She falls headfirst, is about to land on her feet, and Ryuuji gets under her in an attempt to catch her.

Of course.

Typical Japanese “look-at-the-tsundere-tree-girl’s-panties”. She stalks off. Typical.

Once Ryuuji makes it to the party, well..he finds himself escort of two nice ladies–well, one cousin and one red dragon..

Poor guy..he can't say no to a forceful cousin..or to a dragon

What do you know? He bumps into tree-girl again! Tree-girl learns he’s a breaker, yess, that’s one of the main reasons why he is actually at the party..

She disappears when Ryuuji looks away for a bit, and he finds Rose..

Don't cheat, Ryuuji!!

is very unhappy about his little chat with the new girl..

Suddenly the chandeliers shake a little, and out pops Odd Eye, a Level A Lost Precious thief..

Look familiar?

and YUP!

How 'bout now?

It’s tree-girl ^^ or excuse me, Odd Eye.

Bam, things speed up. Guards try to capture Odd Eye, some idiot (from the guard) throws a knife, and wolf-girl can’t dodge because there’s an old lady behind her that would have been impaled had she stepped aside >.<

So she does the next best thing and sprouts wolf arms!

Look at Ryuuji.. totally useless tsktsk.. and he's a level 10 breaker?

And she saves Granny!!!! WHOO!!!!

She escapes after Ryuuji closes his mouth and stops the head guard from zapping her with his night stick, or as I like to call it, “The Zappy Stick”. (Hey, it makes more sense to me).

Later that night, wolf-girl gets into their (Ryuuji, Eriko-san, and Rose) apartment/home and tries to steal Eriko’s Lost Precious Earring, True Love. Ryuuji suddenly turns on the light and Eriko wakes up. Ready with a trap in hand:

Right, but first, fix your strap, your dress is gonna fall off.

She prepares to throw, but give him a moment to adjust, Eriko-san!!

Oh, well...too late.

Of course, after that it’s:

She's teaching me how to tango, what's it look like she's doing?

-sigh- I like how Eriko-san tells Ryuuji to move as she is already winding her arm back to throw the trap >.<;

Sorry, it was totally my fault..

And Eriko-san’s aim is definitely to die for..

And then sleepy Rose comes in, awakened by all the noise.. and adds her 2 cents:

You tell 'im, Rose!

Long story short, Eriko-san can’t get the trap off, so, though they aren’t completely bound together as seen above, their hands are tied (haha). After wolf-girl is tickle-tortured into telling some secrets.. (She’s 15, her master makes her steal) somehow, some booze gets spilled all over Ryuuji and wolf-girl, so naturally all 4 of them take a bath together.

Wolf-girl opens up a little more… and Rose and Eriko-san enjoy the fluffiness of her tail:

She likes it....

Wolf-girl divulges a little more: Her master calls her Ai.

She is confused by the ease with which all of them are willing to touch her, because little does she know that she is actually in the same room as a red dragon and of course they’d be willing to touch a wolf-human hybrid after encountering a dragon!

Rose tries to impress Ryuuji…she succeeds the first time, but the second time, she knocks a bottle of booze down again and it knocks Ai out. Poor girl..

Ryuuji makes soup for Ai and she noms. Eriko finds out that Ai’s master is most likely some guy that should now be in his seventies.

End of the epi? Ai’s master, who definitely does not look seventy, finds her and drugs Rose, Eriko, and Ryuuji.

Overall: 10/10 (I really really like tsundere ookami Ai)

Anticipation for Next Epi: 10/10 (Looks like a new wolf-character–male this time–will be entering the cast ^^)


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